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Vehicular Folley

Postby Ronquistador » Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:46 am

People do dumb shit while encased in fiberglass and steel, seated behind the wheel ...

what are some of the things you have done,..have seen done... have a friend whos done...or have hear was done - that you think is interesting or just stupidenough that other people may get a kick out of it...

My best atm is was perpitrated by a little asian friend of mine...

He decided (for whatever reason) to drive 120+ in a 45 MPH zone (naturally blowing lights)

this far in excess of the limit accompanied by his other acts of wreckless abandon go above an beyond any ticket or slew of ticket...

this type of driving is not a moving violation

its called "driving with intention to kill" by the law...
its a felony
and it of course carries a jail sentance

had a buddy we called keener in middle school.... not to bright... tried jacking a car via hotwiring...from in front of a store... the keys were in the ignition and at the time he "started" the patron was already leaving the store... (keener was a notorious stoner...and not just garden variety ...a tru burnout... needless to say he was high) the driver called the police...who arrived on scene and approached the car...the steering column was broken into and he was at a loss

"what are you doing here son?"
"i cant find my keys and i have to get home"
"wheres home?"
"well where do you think you left the keys?"
"at home i think - yeah thats why i have to get home"
"Howd you get the car here then"
"in fact isnt that that the keys right there"
"i dont know sir"
"I believe it is - and i also believe that this is not your car... I am going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle"
"sir i really just need to get home - i can walk...or maybe catch a ride"
"ill give you a ride to where you need to go"
"really? do i owe you like...gas money?"
"no - consider it a favor"

keener went to his NEW home until the day of his 18th birthday - at that point he came out and saw all of us...told us the story... and after being clean for sooo long... just HAD to get high

he was arested again that same day - high again - this time for taking and eating a bag of chips INSIDE the store and disposing of the bag in a trashcan right in front of a camera...when security got to him he was already half way into a far as i know keener is still nside
"Hooray for me and to hell with you!"
-Mr Nunally... RIP
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