(Report) over 500 of Saddam's WMDs found

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(Report) over 500 of Saddam's WMDs found

Postby insanehippie » Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:14 pm

It comes as no suprise to anyone but Brennan here, but some of Saddam's WMDs have been found.

Over 500 chemical weapons, which like Schroedinger's Cat, to many liberals both exist and non-exist. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Francois Le Kerry, etc and other Dems admitted then denied their existance, They have been found and are now somewhat declassified in a report.

It's very simple, if Saddam can bury a fleet of aircraft, it's even easier to bury or ship to Syria, chemical weapons.

Saddam said over and over, before the Second Iraq War, that he didn't have any more WMDs and they were either gone, or "didn't exist".

Dems & Iraq WMD Quotes

Even MORE Democrat / Iraq WMD Quotes
http://blog.insanehippie.net/wordpress/ ... md-quotes/

Aircraft under the sand #1
http://www.insanehippie.net/photos/disp ... m=4&pos=40

Aircraft under the sand #2
http://www.insanehippie.net/photos/disp ... m=4&pos=41

Aircraft #3
http://www.insanehippie.net/photos/disp ... m=4&pos=42

Aircraft #4
http://www.insanehippie.net/photos/disp ... m=4&pos=43

Myself, I have been saying that Saddam's stockpile of WMDs are in Syria, not Iraq. If you want to know why China, Russia, France and others were so strongly against America and Iraq, I can bet their fingerprints (Russia, China, France, etc) were all over the weapons and hiding them.

Saddam knew of the Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia strategy, that Americans won't jump national borders and that it's the perfect place to store things that we won't touch for a few years.

The Report. I'll be saving it for my own website.
http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/ ... oponte.pdf

Little Green Footballs has the document in PDF format.
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Postby Ronquistador » Mon Jun 26, 2006 9:19 am

i never doubted they didnt poses such an arsenal and we ALL knew it was just a matter of time before they were sniffed out...

i think we should sodomize sadam with a scud at this point... middle ages execution style... open air town central on a platform.... for ALL to see...and EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC BROADCAST TV NETWORK HAS TO AIR IT...

just as a message..."If we'd have withdrawn the troops this may have landed in your back yard....thankfully it is now planted in HIS 'backyard'."
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