Man arrested for impersonating a cop

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Man arrested for impersonating a cop

Postby insanehippie » Wed Sep 20, 2006 6:18 pm

Police: Man arrested for impersonating cop, new victim comes forward

07:20 AM PDT on Saturday, September 2, 2006


CANBY, Ore. -- A second victim has come forward in the case of a Canby man who allegedly impersonated a police officer and pulled over unsuspecting drivers late Wednesday night.

David Joseph Leininger, 27, was arrested Thursday on charges of kidnapping, harassment and impersonating a police officer, said officer Chris Mead with the Canby Police Department. The suspect was lodged at the Clackamas County Jail.


The suspect was wearing a dark blue shirt that said "Undercover Police" on it in white or yellow letters, cargo shorts, and hiking boots with tube socks.

Mead said a real undercover officer obviously would not advertise that.

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Postby Ronquistador » Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:30 am

I knew someone who was arrested for beating a cop impersonator with a tire iron...

coplights come on...guy in street cloths asks to see stead of asking him to take the liscense out of his wallet....palms the wallet and turns his back to the driver... turns back around and gives him the wallet (liscense STILL inside) andtells him hes going to go run the numbers...

my friend quickly noticed and then noticed the large some of cash that had been extracted...

he proceed to pull a tire iron from the back seat and march dead on to the wannabe cop...

shattered the window.... opened the door... yanked him out...beat him (in the torso) with the tire iron... and then got his money back (along with the guys money on top of and then KICKED The guy in the face....

i still dont know why the other guy was taking so long to just take off maybe arogant enough to count it up on the spot?

my buddy wound up being accused of takin the tire iron to the dickheads face and was sentenced for an attempted murder.........

evidence emerged and then it was dumbed down to a felony assault... still did time... but at least he got out...

i later asked him what he woulda done if it HAD been a real cop...

he (as expected for a man of his calibur) snidely replied "i dont give a shit if it was the president of the US - this is one nigga he wont be stealing from" (yes he is black)
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