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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 6:04 pm
by insanehippie
Mo wrote:
supermegatron wrote:Michael Bolton is like a nuke you cant send him to france with out expecting them to send us some horrible like a la" car or something

Not to be a cock but, I believe it's "Le' Car" and those things are peices of shit arent they? My dad had one, It singlehandedly caused the only childhood memory I have of my dad swearing. I also remember it had spring loaded doors. Much like a screen door, it would slam closed as soon as you let go of it. That also was the cause of a childhood trip to the emergency room. I remember my dad finaly donated it to one of those "donate your old car for cancer things". I wonder how much money was wasted trying to get that thing to work so they could sell it? I bet cancer actualy lost money on that one! Who knows, we may have had a cure by now had my dad just pushed that thing into the ocean instead.

HAHAAHAHAH Pugeots are pieces of shit.
But what was the last thing that France made of value? The Statue of Liberty, Alex de Toqueville, Pierre LeEnfant (designer of DC's roads), the war of 1812 with Andrew Jackson, and New Orleans and Marti Gras.

That's it, and all of those are about 100 years old or older.

Since the 20th Century France has only been notable for always losing wars, even to Mexico, Giving aid and comfort to the USSR during the Cold War, giving aid and comfort to their future Islamic masters.

Oh, and the joy of having a double digit unemployment rate. Damn Frogs!

PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2005 12:06 pm
by Cwew
it's Mardi Gras, (pronounced Mawhti Graws) which means 'Fat Tuesday' in french. It's the day before Ash Wednesday which starts Lent, the Catholic holiday where you give up eating! so Mardi Gras is the last day to enjoy eating, fat tuesday where you chomp up everything in sight to stock up for Lent.

Of course it's turned into a huge party, and getting nude for plastic beads and cheap aluminium oversized coins while drinking everything in sight is more common than eating these days. Come on down, it's a blast!

I find Mardi Gras a whole lot more fun when out-of-towners come down and I get to show them around. Growing up here in New Orleans has made it kind of routine for me, nothing special, though the large number of boob flashings is nice.