AJ is MIA - Anyone have an update?

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AJ is MIA - Anyone have an update?

Postby PugLuv83 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 8:06 pm

I know nobody is really on anymore, and not many people on this site hung out with him....


If anyone has any info on where AJ is/was, please pass it on to me either via phone, text, email, whatever.

If you have his email (old or current), cell number (old or current), address (old or current), please send to me, or please send him mine; either way.

I'd really appreciate it.



sorry ginny I yanked your cell number.... not a good idea to toss that so easily accessable in a public domain...

if you want the CELL to text u can PM her here.... and in doing that you might as well use that medium to give up any info you might have
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